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5th April
written by spike

Woke in: Rome, Italy

Our final day in Europe, it’s back to the States tomorrow. Today it’s Palm Sunday in Rome and at the Vatican. Iggy went to see the Pope at 7:30 in the morning. We caught up around 1pm and he had a fistful of stories. Apparently it’s a rock star production. Women were throwing themselves at the Vatican guard for seats while Benedict XVI read the gospel for over an hour in latin. Iggy compared it to the experience he had front row at a U2 concert. Surrounded by screaming, frantic, dripping women. Positively religious, but not really in the God sense.

Late night around 3:30am there was an earthquake that woke everyone on our 5th floor hostel. The quake lasted maybe 30 seconds but the 200+ year old building just kept swaying like playground footbridge. A fellow from Mexico ran to the window and threw it open. He took one look outside, shouted “we have to go now!!!” and immediately bolted out the door half-naked and apparently ran all the way to the Rome train station and slept there. I’d rather take our chances with the aftershocks than risk being shanked by a homeless guy while trying to sleep under newspapers. But that’s just me.

Thinking the streets were on fire, we took a follow-up look out the window to see what had freaked the gent out. Nightmarish. Clearly nobody else had been in quakes before… and for the first time on this trip I can say advantage Californians! Tired, we told all these unglued, pacing, half-delirious women in our room we have earthquakes all the time in Cali and they are just routine so “go back to sleep”. And so we did. Then the city sirens kicked in.

I guess we’ll sleep on the plane.

Au revoir, Europe!