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31st March
written by spike

Woke in: Paris, France

Well here it is, the climax of France. Paris. The City of Lights. I’m finding it difficult to get a few free minutes to write in this place, but here are the deets… Oh and before I forget they have chicken-flavored Lays chips here. They really do taste like roasted chicken. Just wanted to get that out there.

In the morning, straight to Versailles to visit the Palace. I don’t think the grandeur and opulence is something that can be described here. It’s just massive and your average fancy room to 3-5 years for just the ceiling to be completed. It’s expanses of gold, artwork, and marble as far as the eye can see.

One thing struck me though: it didn’t seem to be about opulence and hedonism as you might expect from our modern populist films depicting 17-18th century France. Sure Louis XIV fancied himself a God, but the Palace of Versailles is terribly utilitarian. Ultimately wanted all his leaders in one place so he could rule centrally. His bedroom was next to his council room. So what if he would have a parade every morning when he woke up from his bedroom to the dining room?

In the afternoon Chartres Cathedral, or Notre-Dame de Chartres (not that Notre-Dame). It’s about an hour outside of Paris and holds significance for three reasons: finest work of Gothic architecture in France, holds the Virgin Mary’s tunic, and it has the oldest remaining labyrinth (but sans a minotaur). It’s also been in a number of movies and video games (Halo 3, even). It looks like Dracula’s spaceship landed in a tiny little sleepy town. Catholic architecture took a very odd turn for a bit.

Finally, the Eiffel Tower in the evening. Ooooo lala. After so many people saying Paris is overrated, I didn’t think it would be much. But there is something about standing underneath the warm orange glow of the Eiffel Tower that gets you excited about the city. We’ll check it again later in the daytime and see if it’s an afternoon delight.

In the evening Iggy did his usual number with a waiter. This time it was inadvertent sexual advances that left the waiter under the impression Iggy wanted him carnally.
“Has anyone ever told you you look like Hugh Jackman?”
“Do you know who that is? It’s a compliment.” And later “You’re my favorite waiter in all of Europe. Seriously, you’re the best I’ve had.”

Each time our waiter would back away during the advances and wait a while before coming back. He didn’t look much like Hugh Jackman.

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  1. Kstar

    Paris is not overated. Anyone who thinks it is needs to come talk to me.