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30th March
written by spike

Woke in: Lyon, France (and Taize for Tork and Iggy)

I rose late and enjoyed my final hours soloing Lyon before rejoining with Torkelson and Iggy at the Part-Deux train station. Today it’s onward and upward to Paris.

So how did Iggy and Torkelson find the Taize community during the past day and a half? They did enjoy the monastery greatly, but it turned out to be a good thing they were only staying overnight (rather than the usual week - Sunday to Sunday). A few hours after arriving they engaged in questionable activities and fell under the correction of the brotherhood. One of the lead monks formally chastised them for over an hour in the morning and told them had they been staying longer than 24 hours he would have ensured they were thrown out. Oh, monks. What will God think of next. Unfortunately they asked I not be specific on the Internet. C’est le vie.

In the evening, TGV again from Lyon to Paris. The TGV is the world’s fastest conventional-track train running at about 200mph off a 25,000hp engine. It’s a real gas-guzzler. A TGV set a world speed record at 357mph in 2007. The point being that we’re not spending much time on trains in France, which makes us ecstatic. If you’ve traveled Europe you know it can often feel like you’re spending all your time observing green sheep-covered country-sides from a cabin window.

We took in a bit of Paris and enjoyed Parisian turkey, duck, and chicken plates. I won’t judge Paris cuisine based on one meal, but so far it looks to be a mouthwatering next few days. Oddly wine appears to be much less expensive in Paris than previous places in France.

We’re in district 13 at Oops Hostel (a mistranslation?), so a ways away from some of the more famous landmarks as we opted for a traditional “party hostel” over location. We checked-in for our stay while backpackers from around the world shared drinks and laughter over Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Nothing quite like anti-Semitic satire and booze to lubricate global community. Or kick off a war.

We’ll dig deep into Paris tomorrow. Perhaps Versailles?


  1. 31/03/2009

    Hey Jake,

    You seem like you have an intensely planned itinerary (I totally understand, you’ll remember I’m big on specifics

    However, let me recommend that you get yourself a couple bottles of wine, some fresh bread, some good cheese, maybe a little fruit, and a pack of Gaulloise and just sit down next to the Seine at sunset. Pont Neuf is a good local for the operation.

  2. 31/03/2009

    But seriously - the Taize guys kicked you out?!? It was witchcraft wasn’t it?

    Torkelson you never cease to amaze me.

  3. bob

    i love that you linked borat to the six day war. thats hyperbole verging on the republican kind.

    les papilles in rue guy lusac just east of blvd. st michelle
    could be best food at the right price in paris

  4. 02/04/2009

    Thanks for the tips, gents. We’ll try Les Papilles tonight (30 Rue Gay-Lussac, I found), and sitting down with some bread, meats, and cheese is high on the list. It’s been difficult to find a good market.